New York Dress

Campaign Series, Web Design, Social Banners, Email

In my time as Art Director at Windsor Circle, New York Dress came to us for predictive and retention marketing help. At that time there were some changes in their organization that left a void with support for their regular marketing campaigns. We listened to what their needs were and seized upon the opportunity to step in and help. We analyzed data, pointing us to the best times for deploying marketing events. What resulted was a solid campaign event calendar for the next calendar year for their international markets.

Once we had this nailed down, I rolled up my sleves and conceptualized 18 unique campaign series, and then designed the look and feel of each event, which were then translated into responsive web experiences with supporting social media assets.
Art Director
Concept Development, Design Direction

World Travel Event

Graduation Dress Event

Black Friday Event

Spring Wedding Event

Homecoming Event

Summer Wedding Event

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