About Me

A visually-oriented communicator, creatively directing and designing end-to-end brand experiences that motivate, inspire and inform.

I start with “why” to elevate brands and propel integrated marketing communication and product design experiences that fuel go-to-market strategies—driving customer engagement, connecting with customer needs, and achieving strategic goals. Using a combination of timeless design principles, technology, innovative thinking, and emerging trends, I deliver diligently crafted brand, customer, and user experiences that translate into customer journeys that convert.

Here's What Others Have to Say

Creative Director

Amplience, Inc.

As joint Creative Directors at Amplience my daily life was closely intertwined with August’s as we collaborated to both lead our teams, in our respective GL’s, delivering content and campaigns while honing and crafting the overarching vision for the brand’s look and feel overall.

I feel incredibly privileged to have had the opportunity to work with August in this way and can say that his level and range of talent is nothing but jaw dropping. A systemic design thinker who works smarter (not harder), August is able to put into practice scalable design solutions that make it possible to meet and exceed the requirements of a busy company on its accent. Added into the mix, he is a brilliant conceptualiser and thinker, able to see round corners and realise (previously unforeseen) opportunities.

On the tools he is lightning fast and consistent, pixel perfect. As an Art Director, he sees the bigger picture and creates stunning work that goes above and beyond simply answering the brief. August is strategic in his thinking and always starts with ‘Why’, he is able to take a ‘brand-centric’ view whilst putting the customer at the centre of everything. As a leader he sets clear, achievable expectations from his team and mentor’s them where needed so that they can realise their full potential…

August does all of these things in a truly collaborative manner, he brings the feel-good-factor to any meeting and makes everyone feel engaged and empowered to do their very best work.

Having worked so closely with him I can say with 100% certainty that wherever he chooses to go next in his career, his onward team are very lucky to have him.

Senior UX Designer

Amplience, Inc.

I had the joy of working with August and his team to link Amplience’s brand and creative experience to that of user experiences we design within our product.

His passion and enthusiasm for creative solutions is infectious; he truly loves what he does and he inspires the people around him. I would always come away from our meetings completely excited about our work, which made August a pleasure to have as a colleague.

I sincerely hope we work together again at some point in the future and would recommend him enormously.

Project Director

Amplience, Inc.

I have had the pleasure of working alongside August for the last 6 months.

August has incredible leadership skills and has the proven ability to innovate how creative teams work, using different software in order to drive efficiency. He is supportive of his direct reports, possessing great understanding of their existing skills and trusting his teams ability. August also encourages his team to explore new skills that appeal to them offering support and guidance.

He has this amazing ability to push creative boundaries taking all stakeholders on the journey alongside him. His understanding of web is second to none and truly outstanding.

He is mentor to so many people outside of his direct reports and I am sad that I no longer have the pleasure of working alongside August. He is a inspiration and I highly recommend him to any future employer.

Director, Innovation and Solutions

Amplience, Inc.

I had the pleasure to work with August and his Creative team at Amplience. He’s managed complex creative projects with great results! August know the Creative World extremely well and it shows in the Design of our products, sites and events.

I’d recommend him highly for any opportunity he’ll pursue.

Instructional Designer


I highly recommend August to any company or organization. He is an extremely talented and creative artist and a skilled technician.

As a multimedia team lead, he performed above and beyond in his leadership role by taking the time to work with less experienced team members to step up their game and make valuable contributions.

Global Support Manager

Amplience, Inc.

I really enjoyed working with August during his time at Amplience. His leadership skills really brought together cross-team collaboration and the successful rebrand of our support portal increased engagement by over 20%.

Head of Information Risk & Security

Amplience, Inc.

I have known and worked with August since mid-2021. In this time his support has been instrumental to my security awareness and training campaigns. Re-designing all collateral materials to give it that fresh look and relevancy appeal it so desperately needed.

August is very likeable and has a natural eye and talent in his work, this combined to his determination to deliver to very tough timescales, and fantastic engagement where my expectations have needed to be reset.

I look forward to our professional paths crossing again.

Social Media/E-Commerce Coordinator

L'Oreal - The Body Shop

Chief Experience Officer

Amplience, Inc.

There’s only been a handful of people during my career that can seamlessly flow between branding, layout, art direction, user interface design and are happy to get their hands dirty in the code. Well, August is one of them and so much more.

Working with August he truly showed me how someone that enjoys the work, people and culture of an organisation translates into suburb creative.

He has passion by the bucket load and a work ethic that is always positive while having the creative chops to respectfully challenge which is essential as a Creative Director.

I highly recommend August a) as a, oh so hot creative and b) for being diligent, reliable, and enjoyable to work with.

Marketing Coordinator

Amplience, Inc.

August has been a great asset to Amplience as Creative Director and in transforming the Amplience brand. I’ve been lucky enough to have worked closely with August over the past 1.5 years from the Marketing side.

As a Creative Director and colleague, August is incredibly creative, insightful and inspiring, always bringing out of the box ideas to the table. He went above and beyond on every project handed to him, often under tight deadlines, while also maintaining and encouraging a positive attitude himself and with those he worked closely with.

I would easily recommend August as a very highly regarded Creative Director and all-around great person.

UX/UI Designer

Amplience, Inc.

The most excellent creative director that I had luck to work with.

August is one of the brilliant, talented professionals who combines the high-professional hard and soft skills.

It was a great pleasure for me to work under his Mentorship in Design.He has a deep understanding of design at different levels and can provide a support and find solutions for conceptual and technical issues.

He is always focusing on making a design process to be comfortable and joyful for each team without sacrificing the business targets.

I am looking forward to working with August again!

Product Marketing Manager

Amplience, Inc.

I work in Product Marketing and had the chance to collaborate with August in his role as Creative Director at Amplience. August always brings curiosity to the table to get to the core purpose of a project and enhance the brand experiences we deliver. He fostered an excellent ethos in his team to find ways to visually communicate often complicated technical information.

Beyond his natural skills as a Creative Director, August has wonderful energy and is a true pleasure to work with. Highly recommend! 🌟

Frontend Developer

Amplience, Inc.

August is a gifted designer, with exceedingly creative ideas that drove our work to new heights. He is a strong leader who brings his enthusiasm and passion for innovation to the team everyday.

August is always encouraging and knows how to bring the best out of the members of his team, the kind of co-worker you want to have in your corner when work gets busy and high-pressured.

It was a pleasure to work with him and I hope to work with him again in the future.

Head of Copy

Amplience, Inc.

August has the very rare combination of being incredibly creative and also incredibly organised. He has the ability to simplify complex design processes and make them less painful for everyone in the team.

And on top of that he is full of great ideas, super positive and encouraging to the rest of the team and – above all – a lot of fun to work with!

I would not hesitate to work with him again.

Chief Product Officer


August is a true visionary in his field. We work together on many projects over the course of several years and not only is he an amazing talent, he is an off-the-charts professional. Of course I always needed something ‘yesterday’ and he cranked out beautiful and functional work every time.

I would be honored to work with August again.

Creative / Design / Direction / Consultant

EXP Creative

To Whom it may concern. I have had the pleasure of working with August on several projects as heritage centers, themed retails and major brand driven corporate show event campaigns where he had creative directed guiding his teams, delivering major integrated brand marketing multimedia, historic exhibition multimedia artifact presentations and creating one of a kind unique story driven multimedia for events and attractions.

During the process, August can interpret the client “Big Picture” vision through the development process. He adds a professional creative quality to the project while maintaining time management that helps deliver overall successful big projects.

Without hesitation, I highly recommend August to any company or organization. Feel free to contact me at any time for further details.

VP of Customer Success

WhatCounts, Inc.

Digital Designer

Amplience, Inc.

Working with August has been such a blessing and a privilege. He is an incredible mentor with whom I’ve had the privilege to work in the past 1.5 years. He is an outstanding leader who always encouraged me to go above and beyond.

His vision and creativity are so inspiring beyond compare. He worked tirelessly on the rebranding process and implemented a new design system that will be truly helpful for Amplience. Learning from such a creative director with an impeccable eye and exceptional skills and values has been a BIG pleasure for me! I would be happy to work with him again in the future.

Any company would be lucky to have August on board. 🌟

Vice President Solutions

Amplience, Inc.

I’m happy to have worked with August as Creative Director at Amplience. In his time at Amplience, August showed all of the top qualities you expect from a leader as well as getting his hands into the work and helping the teams out.

In his time at Amplience, he rebranded, implemented a new design system, taught new members, helped all departments, took part in strategy discussions and lots more all whilst bringing his team up with him and giving them the skills to perform. Quite literally changing the game for us.

August is extremely committed to his work, a real team player and an absolute pleasure to work with in any aspect. His values are clear and he has an incredible presentation and speaking manner which is engaging yet concise.
In my experience with August he is trustworthy, highly driven, has exceptional skills and has no issues with collaboration and providing input.

Probably goes without saying explicitly, but I would absolutely recommend August as part of any team.

Director of Product

Amplience, Inc.

I worked with August on the development of our new developer portal, he led the creative team to deliver a design that exceeded our high expectations.

He was a pleasure to work with, always keen to collaborate, very open to feedback and with a keen focus on the needs of our target audience – i wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

Senior UX Researcher + Designer, Information Architect

Amplience, Inc.

Anyone who has had the privilege of working with August knows he is extremely passionate, strives for excellence, embraces new ideas and the people who bring them to the table, uplifts his team and colleagues with a positive and encouraging attitude, and keeps spirits high even in the thick of tough project work. He always has a smile on his face and makes his team feel seen, heard, and appreciated.

When it comes to his craft, August is a very talented designer whose vision and leadership helped completely elevate our brand. He is extremely collaborative and a hands-on leader, not afraid to get in the weeds with you. He pays meticulous attention to detail and is always learning right alongside his fellow designers.

August is a joy to work with and an immense asset in any organization looking for a powerhouse of creative vision, talent to execute, and a strong team lead. Been an absolutely privilege to work with and learn from him.

Marketing and Communication Management

The Coca-Cola Company

I have worked with many amazing artists in my career. However, few have ever even come close to the work August McCoy has delivered. His digital artistry demonstrates a true command of technique and visual presentation art. He is a true modern master.

If you ever have an opportunity to work him, you will quickly see that his dedication, professionalism and loyalty are beyond measure. I certainly recommend him and would encourage you to seek him out if your business requires digital media production.

CRM & Email Marketing Manager, US & Mexico

L'Oreal - The Body Shop

August is a highly talented graphic designer with a winning attitude. He has broad technical skills that range from email (both design and deployment), web, photography, animation, to responsive coding.

What stands out equally is his attitude and dedication to high quality design. He has excellent teamwork and communication skills. For example, he always asks before production starts to ensure his design accurately reflects the the strategy of the copy and the focal message. He then tailors his design. As a result, his design is not only breathtaking but also right to the point.

He is such great asset to our team and I highly recommend him to any organization.

eCommerce Marketing Specialist

L'Oreal - The Body Shop

I highly recommend August for design. August is a talented designer and produces work quickly and impeccably. He is able to understand the business needs and translate our marketing goals into his designs with little direction. He is a joy to work with – consistently positive and friendly.

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